Terra Equine Facilitated Training

Expediting results through equine facilitated learning

Great leaders are looking to create progressive, dynamic, energetic, result oriented, creative and self-initiated teams. This is a valid desire and should be part of any worthy management’s wish list. The only thing is that such a package will also include; differences, arguments, resentments, personality clashes, ego frenzy and personality issues.

Magic happens when humans and horses come together. Horses are consummate facilitator in the work of human development. These intelligent, sensitive creatures respond to both positive and negative changes in the handler’s behavior, offering constant feedback and rewards or consequences for their actions. With horses, a human can deepen their awareness of personal issues, core feelings, mental focus and clarity of intent. Equine facilitated activities helps human recognize and move beyond their self inflicted barriers and develop a positive mindset of endless compassion, creativity and energy adaptability.

Participants of TEFT will undergo heart-based leadership authentic expression for individuals and teams. We help people live their passion and purpose and reach higher level of leadership in work and life environment. Animals teach us the skills that moves us beyond our current reality into a greater level of consciousness and connections. So lets start to bond with a creature that will teach you what human being can’t teach you to excel towards your work and life goals…..


Horses is one of the greatest creation of Almighty. These creatures offer humans a great opportunity to understand and learn deeper way of “being “ in this world. Horses embody power, grace and a highly tunes instinct. In this program, you interact with horses, develop relationship, become part of the herd, and learn about yourself along the way. Horses are a non-judgemental mirror of gifts, challenges and areas where you are ready to grow as a grateful human being. These creatures teaches us to become more emotionally, physically and mentally aware. All our TEFT Program includes a special blend of life coaching process and by working with this great creature will help you reach greater level of mind & body awareness, presence and ignite your authentic self.  During your time at the stable, you will experience deep realization of your true self, an increase of confidence and self-empowerment and connection with your team.

Our Children and Youth Programs

A child’s limited vocabulary poses great challenge to traditional coaching techniques. The EFC sessions being experiential removes the constraints of language from the coaching process. Hence the coaching session is seen as play and much fun.


Our Corporate Programs

•Developing and strengthening your leadership style

•Discovering what needs to happen for you to be an effective leader.

•How authentic are you?

•What are your strengths and potentials.


Our Teams Program

•Develop and strengthen team bonding.

•Finding ways to leverage the best of each member.

•Improving team communications.

•Discover new talents within the team.

Application of the Mind-Heart Chart and using a set dictionary of terms