Osaka Blower MFG.Co LTD

Blowers For Main & Auxiliary Boiler, Inert Gas Blowers, Auxiliary Blowers For Diesel Engine, Fans For Pump Room, Fans For Engine Room & Boiler Room.

List Of Product.

For Thermal Plant

  1. Induced Draft Fan
  2. Forced Draft fan
  3. Primary and Secondary Draft Fan
  4. Pulverized Coal Exhauster
  5. Hot Gas Fan, Gas Recirculation Fan

 For Other Uses

  • Multi blade fan
  • Turbo fan
  • Axial Flow Fan
  • Multi stage Turbo Blower

For Marine Uses

  • 1.       Forced Draft Fan
  • 2.       Inert Gas Blower
  • 3.       Auxiliary blower for Diesel Engine


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