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API 610 Centifrugal Pumps

Trillium Flow Technologies:
Gabbioneta pumps (Formerly known as WEIR Gabbioneta pumps)

Since 1897, Trillium Flow Technologies™ Gabbioneta Pumps® brand has thrived by delivering precise and durable heavy-duty pumps to customers. Based in our state-of-the-art facility in Nova Milanese, Italy, our team includes dedicated professionals with expertise in the global refining, power, chemical and petrochemical industries. This rich expertise enables us to maximize our customers’ success on a global scale.

We feature the entire API 610 range with overhung, between bearings, vertically suspended, single
or multistage pumps designed for the most severe operating conditions.

Trillium Flow Technologies:
Begemann pumps (Formerly known as WEIR Begemann pumps)

Trillium Flow Technologies™ Begemann® brand has supplied high quality pumps since 1871. In
synergy with Gabbioneta Pumps™, Begemann manufactures overhung pumps that are equipped for the most severe operating conditions in the oil & gas, petrochemical, chemical and energy industries. Our many years of experience, specialized industry knowledge and extensive technical expertise enable us to remain your trusted partner throughout the life of your operation.

Begemann manufactures API 610 heavy-duty process pumps that are designed to make maintenance straightforward, minimize operation costs and increase product life span. Our legacy is based on results earned in the field.

Begemann pumps have a compact design that allow you to minimize installation and operating costs. During the design process for our OH2 pumps, special attention was given to maximizing efficiency and lowering NPSHr values. Due to Begemann’s rigid and compact design, our pumps’ vibration levels are very low in the operating range, leading to longer bearing and mechanical seal life. This can also result in lower emissions and lower maintenance costs.

Trillium Flow Technologies™ Begemann pump portfolio is field-tested with proven reliability in even the harshest environments. With us, you can minimize costs and enjoy support throughout the life of your operation.


Disc Pumps Built to API-610

Discflo has designed a line of pumps to comply with the latest edition of API-610 for high temperature and high-pressure applications in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries. They are designed for processes up to 1000º F, and allowable working pressures to 1480 psi. Flow ranges to 8000 GPM can be accommodated, with heads up to 1200 ft.

Excels in Harsh Service

Discflo’s API Pumps use the unique Discpac technology, a ‘non-impingement’ impeller that excels at handling abrasive, corrosive, viscous, high-solids and/or gas-entrained fluids with minimal wear and maintenance. These pumps are designed with extra heavy duty shaft and bearings, back pull-out construction for easier maintenance and center-line support for high temperature stability.

API Pumps:

Offer exceptional productivity and cost-savings benefits. Using the innovative Discpac technology, these pumps offer a superior alternative to centrifugal, progressive cavity, lobe and gear pumps for viscous, abrasive, high solids and gas entrained fluids as well as handling shear sensitive and delicate chemicals and emulsions. Tests have proven that Disc pumps can pump oil/water fluids without emulsifying them. Built to API Standards for the Oil & Natural Gas industry.

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