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Safety Product

Elmridge (iEvac Smoke hood)


Elmridge Protection Products, LLC was formed after the traumatic events of September 11, 2001. Our mission was to design and provide respiratory products that protect against chemical, biological and fire related gases including Carbon Monoxide.

Our market research determined that there was a need for innovative respiratory products that would provide the highest level of filtration, were more comfortable for the user to wear, lighter in
weight and smaller in size

Safety Shoes

Shoes Making since 1970s

Our journey began in 1970s in Seri Kembangan, a small town in Selangor. Our Founders were apprentices,making each pairs of leather shoes with their bare hands, a sewing machine and some tools. Technical skills, experiences, knowledge were built since then.

Guzzi Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1990s by the founders; the revolutionary GoodYear Welt Machine were imported from Europe to Malaysia. The machine first produced Guzzi ®, the first home grown brand.Then, it produced Police ® and later Men’s Cub®. We specialize in making leather shoes. Sirim certification was awarded to Guzzi Sdn Bhd since 2001 for Guzzi ® safety work boots.

Followed by DOSH accreditation in 2018.

The Company

GUZZI® Shoe Company has always placed great importance on creating functional footwear with the newest technology. GUZZI® Steel Toe Work Boots are of the quality and craftsmanship that the GUZZI® is known for. We offer industrial work boots that are produced according to the patented process Goodyear Welt Construction that is inspired by the now traditional Goodyear welting. By improvising and incorporating this traditional shoe making method to the modern technology, GUZZI® aspires to bring the technology to the next level in terms of comfort and durability.

We are using Goodyear Welt construction technique which enhances durability of the shoes, thus reducing the frequency of replacement. The technique involves sewing the shoes upper, a welt and sole together. Outsole could be replaced after a reasonable wear. This is not only cost saving but reducing unnecessary waste to our mother earth. We place great importance to raise awareness on conservation and moderation on use of any raw material and natural resources.

Safety & Emergency Respons

C30 Emergency / Transport Monitor

New-Generation Emergency Transshipment Patient Monitor As a new-generation emergency transshipment patient monitor, Comen’s C30 is designed according to the requirements of the first aid site and the emergency transshipment monitoring and pursues the practicability, convenience and reliability for first aid and emergency transshipment. The C30 adopts PC/ABS high-strength engineering plastics, the highly reliable Linux operating system and the anti-scratch high-luminance liquid crystal screen. It is also provided with a special packet for emergency monitoring that consists of a fitting management bag and a first aid apparatus storage bag. The C30, which can be carried in several modes, is small, light, portable, robust, reliable, stable, waterproof, fireproof, and fall resistant. It can display clearly even in strong sunlight in the field and can be used in various adverse environments, and can meet the demand of the army and hospitals during field first aid and emergency transshipment.

Healthcare Products

Urine & Drugs testing - toxicology

Urine & Drugs testing - toxicology

Urine & Drugs Testing – Toxicology – Reliable, immediate test results at the point of care enable you to make informed decisions about substance abuse issues that could compromise the safety of patients, employees, and business. Our rigorous manufacturing standards ensure you receive the best possible products and support resources.

Medical consumables

Terra Medical Consumables

Under Her belt, Terra offer the most complete, highest value line of medical supplies which range from simple disposable to sophisticated equipment. Our products are of a high quality and are sourced from many of the top manufacturers in Europe, USA and Asia.

List of medical consumables:

  1. Disposable Plastic Apron
  2. Disposable Syringe
  3. Disposables Gloves
  4. Specimen Containers
  5. Medicine Measures
  6. Dispensary Equipment
  7. Portion Control Cup
  8. Applicator Stick
  9. Cotton Product
  10. Surgical Medical Gloves
  11. Surgical Dressing
  12. Sterilization Packaging
  13. Sharp Container
  14. Elasticated Crepe
  15. Bandages
  16. Disposable Surgical Gown
  17. AlcoScan Breathalyzer
  18. Multi-Drugs Test Cups
  19. Automated External
  20. Defibrillator
  21. CPR Manikins
  22. Oral Fluid Drugs and Alcohol Testing Device
  23. Gauze Roll
  24. Disposable Shoe Cover
  25. Surgical Face Mask
  26. Round Nursing Cap

Other Products