The iEvac Smoke Mask/Fire Escape Hood has earned certification to the only American Standard for a smoke/fire evacuation hood. It protects against fire-related gases including carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, smoke, & hydrogen sulfide. The iEvac contains a HEPA filter that removes more than 99.97% of sub-micron particles such as anthrax, smallpox, and radioactive particles. One universal size can be put on in under 30 seconds. Please view and download our product brochure for full specification.

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New-Generation Emergency Transshipment Patient Monitor
As a new-generation emergency transshipment patient monitor, Comen’s C30 is designed according to the requirements of the first aid site and the emergency transshipment monitoring and pursues the practicability, convenience and reliability for first aid and emergency transshipment. The C30 adopts PC/ABS high-strength engineering plastics, the highly reliable Linux operating system and the anti-scratch high-luminance liquid crystal screen. It is also provided with a special packet for emergency monitoring that consists of a fitting management bag and a first aid apparatus storage bag. The C30, which can be carried in several modes, is small, light, portable, robust, reliable, stable, waterproof, fireproof, and fall resistant. It can display clearly even in strong sunlight in the field and can be used in various adverse environments, and can meet the demand of the army and hospitals during field first aid and emergency transshipment.

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