SIAD MI – API 618 Compressor

We API 618 piston compressors, oil-free or lubricated with water-cooled cylinders. Our compressors are supplied with electric motors, heat exchangers, air or water, instrumentation, electrical, filters, skid mounted, in other words ready for use. Please view and download our product brochure for full specification.


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SIAD MI – PET Compressor –VITO

VITO is an innovative new range of oil-free air compression units for blowing bottles in PET. It’s the result of a painstaking research project which has brought us to a new frontier in the field of compression units for the Food&Beverage sector. The intense effort put into the design processhas paid off in the creation of a compressor unit whose everysingle component and process performs outstandingly, an indispensable condition for making the qualitative leap to serial production. After creatingvarious prototypes, and after various months of testing, the VITO compressor line outstrips our expectations in terms of efficiency and reliability.

The VITO line produces air compressed to 42 bar, completely devoid of oil and complying with “ISO 8573” air quality regulations.Please view and download our product brochure for full specification.

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